We offer timber services and excavating services that are available at very pocket-friendly pricing and with a professional team. Contact us for free estimates.

Timber Services

Smith Timbering & Consultants LLC offer high-quality logging services to Western Pennsylvania. We will walk your property to see what types of tree species you have, the quality of trees, as well as volume. We will recommend what should be done with your property.

We offer thinning as well as clear-cutting. Our prices are extremely reasonable, and we bid on all kinds of jobs. Haul roads and landings constructed are used and maintained in such a manner to minimize damage to residual trees and property of the landowner.

Excavating Services

We provide professional excavating for residential and commercial properties all over Western Pennsylvania. We also offer utility excavations such as water line and electric line excavating, sewer digging, gas line, and more. We clear lots and site development to topsoil and grading work. We leave little footprints and always clean up every excavating site thoroughly.

What We Offer

Full-service excavation 

Lot clearing and site development



Topsoil and grading work

Retaining walls/VERSA-LOK retaining wall systems


Our Utilities Excavation Services

Gas line excavation

Water line excavation

Electric line excavation

Sewer line excavation